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About Me

  1. Birth

    Hello big wide world

    Hello, my name is Ian Tila. I was born in Vienna, Austria in 1982. My roots are from the Philippines and I grew up in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland. Throughout my life I have traveled and delved into unknown cultures and environments that helped me to develop my creativity.

  2. School

    My first experience

    My first experience with a camera was when I was in primary school. I remember being very thrilled and full of excitement to produce and edit my first short film. During the project I quickly started to develop genuine interest in video production, editing and that’s where it all began.

  3. Event

    A great memory

    In the early days I used to film with my Sony camcorder which originally combined the video camera and the videocassette. Fortunately I was equipped with the technical knowledge and natural creativity so the results of my first event video turned out pretty well.

  4. GoPro

    Be a hero

    I bought my first Go Pro action camera back in 2010 and fell in love with it. Getting started with my GoPro was easy and I recorded a series of adventures around the world. The Hero camera produced exceptional video quality with a small form factor in a way that no one had ever seen before.

  5. Drone

    Touch the sky

    Throughout the years, I was introduced to several awesome drones. At the very beginning of the drone era, I remember being so blown away by the potential of the new technology that I took several weeks off to take stunning and even more dramatic video footage in previously unreachable locations.

  6. DRONE


    It was very tempting to take my drone to some epic locations, where I could take images and videos of grand vistas. Luckily nobody was hurt when I first crashed my drone but there was that certain moment when my expensive friend hit the trees and I just watched it in slow motion.

  7. Development

    The exciting year

    2017 has been an exciting year from many perspectives. I became self employed and started to run my own business Creative Tila. I established my presence, produced my first wedding video, got an international contract, lost my drone in Santorini and crashed my 24-70mm lens.

  8. Work

    A big success

    Passionate about filmmaking I was honored to work with valuable brands such as The Dolder Grand for an image campaign and Coca Cola to film, edit and produce the after movie at the Openair Frauenfeld. Next to the success I have to admit that I crashed my drone for the third time.

  9. Life

    Lovely clients

    Blessed to work with major labels in Switzerland such as Valser, Giahi, Warner Bros, Zurich Film Festival, Union Banc Privée, Mascotte Club, Holmes Place, Grand Casino Luzern, Schulthess Klinik, Hiltl Club and many more; I started to make my living as a filmmaker and became successful.

  10. Success

    Living my passion

    I’ve amassed a collection of great videos, ready to start cultivating myself as a brand and independent filmmaker. I am truly passionate about my work and love helping businesses and brands to reach and influence their audiences using the power of video. Let’s bring your story to life.



Your story is central to the success of your business. Creative Tila is a leading full service video production company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Our mission is to help clients to reach their target audience and provide professional work at the highest creative standard possible.




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